Rebecca Barton Success Story

I actually met Jenn through the Dave Ramsey site. He suggests ELPs that follow his guidelines and understand debt and creating wealth. We used her in 2014 when we moved across the country from Louisiana to Florida for my husband's job. We also bought our current home using her. It was a great experience and we became friends during the process. My husband ended up getting a new job in Georgia and we knew we would use Jenn to close the deal when we sold.

Why Jenn and Coastal Life Properties?

When we bought the first time, we interviewed 4 agents. When we knew we would sell to move to Georgia, we knew we would use Jenn without question.

Jenn is real, raw and allows you to be emotional. She listens to your wants, needs and desires and filters through to help you find the perfect home. When we were selling, she listened to the what and the why. She wanted to know our emotional side of it yet was bold to give us the reality in detail. She listens and responds accordingly. Her team- I can't say enough about her office manager, Michelle. Simply a great agent to do business with!



How did Jenn prepare you to buy and sell a home and how do you feel she marketed it?

Jenn asked us questions and listened. Then she prepared our buy/sell situation in detail. She laid out the plan and followed it perfectly.

She did a great job with the photography and even drone footage. She did an open house almost immediately. Also, we were in and out of town over the course of a few months and they utilized that time to show the home multiple times.

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Most memorable part of your experience?

On the buying side 6 years ago, to this day my kids remember that Jenn wrote them a house contract to each sign. That was so special! For my husband and me, it's the honesty and the patience Jenn has for both as the buyer and now as the seller.


Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about during the process? 

Of course! As with any large transaction, there is almost always a hiccup or two but Jenn always let us know what was going to happen, what could happen and how to proceed.

Rebecca's advice to you:

The experience was wonderful buying and even now selling is so bittersweet. It has been flawless from start to finish.

Start with Coastal Life Properties! Jenn and her team will not let you down. Ask the hard questions. Be honest. Listen to their suggestions because they really know their stuff.

"Jenn is real, raw and allows you to be emotional. She listens to your wants, needs and desires."


Ready To Sell Your Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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