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Revamp Your Space Coast Oasis for Spring

Jenn Clements

It is amazing to think of the effect people have on your life...

It is amazing to think of the effect people have on your life...

Feb 27 1 minutes read

Design Your Ideal Coastal Retreat

As the unique Space Coast winter ebbs, it's prime time to reimagine your outdoor space for the sunny days ahead. Whether you're graced with an ocean view or a quaint backyard in the heart of Melbourne, upgrading your outdoor area is key to making the most of Brevard’s beautiful spring. Let’s navigate the possibilities for space transformations, infusing them with a distinct Space Coast charm.

Segment Your Personal Paradise

Envision your outdoor area on the fringes of Cocoa Beach: will it be your private dining under the stars, a serene reading nook, or an expansive play space for the family? Segment your yard or balcony by purpose, crafting niche areas—a dining corner with a chic table set against a backdrop of native Floridian fauna, or a soothing Cocoa Beach-style lounge complete with adirondack chairs and a striped hammock swaying in the Atlantic breeze.

Flourish with Floridian Flora

Introduce indigenous plants to your landscape to mirror the invigorating environment of Titusville's bustling habitats. Channel Merritt Island's vibe with vibrant florals, hearty shrubs, or even palm trees if space permits. For the balcony gardeners, dwarf citrus trees, ornamental peppers, or a display of blooming hanging pots can create a vertical Space Coast sanctuary in limited quarters.

Select Durable Coastal Furnishings

High-quality furniture is the cornerstone of a welcoming space befitting a Cape Canaveral luxury suite. Opt for materials that stand up to humid ocean air—think marine-grade polymer, resilient teak, or powder-coated aluminum. Bring comfort to the beachfront with plush, weather-resistant cushions and throws reminiscent of an Indialantic boutique resort.

Shine with Nautical Lighting

As dusk falls across the Indian River, ensure your outdoor space glows with warmth. Driftwood-inspired string lights, solar LEDs that mimic sea-glass, or tiki torches can turn your backyard into a luminous Satellite Beach soirée locale. Consider energy-efficient and salt-air resistant fixtures to ensure longevity in our coastal environment.

Create Your Secluded Cove

Privacy is paramount, even more so in bustling communities like Viera. Erect natural screens such as thick bamboo or trellises flush with bougainvillea vines to carve out your slice of seaside solitude. Position ocean-inspired teak dividers or tall potted grasses to artfully seclude your retreat while reflecting the aesthetic of Space Coast dunes.

Evoke the Serenity of Brevard Streams

Introduce a piece of the tranquil St. Johns River to your Rockledge residence with a water feature. Whether it's a minimalist fountain or a reflective birdbath, the sound of water can transport you away from the bustle, fostering a peaceful Melbourne Beach hideaway. For smaller spaces, consider a terracotta bowl fountain or a discreet, ultrasonic water mister for a touch of humidity and mystique.

Establish Natural Shade Sanctuaries

Seek refuge from the Palm Bay sun beneath cool, retractable shades or billowing sails that echo the spirit of space exploration. Pergolas adorned with climbing Mandevilla provide a verdant canopy, while a cantilever umbrella rotates with the day's sun, safeguarding your riverfront or ocean-adjacent oasis.

Adorn with Coastal Accessories

Details matter in the grand canvas of your outdoor living area. Introduce chic, sea-inspired accents like coral-patterned outdoor rugs, decorative shells, and maritime cushions. Reflect your personal style with pieces that pay homage to the local culture, from NASA insignia throws to surfboard-shaped serving platters.

Embrace Easy Brevard Living

As we value our leisure time along the Space Coast, select upgrades that minimize upkeep. Salt-tolerant plants, synthetic rattan furniture, and non-corrosive metals preserve your sanctuary with minimal effort, leaving more time for walks along the shore or launches from Kennedy Space Center.

In summary, transforming your outdoor space in tune with the Space Coast’s eclectic lifestyle before spring's arrival ensures a season full of al fresco bliss. Regardless of your proximity to the beaches of Satellite Beach or the historic avenues of Cocoa, there’s an array of local-inspired ideas ready to amplify your outdoor living. Start orchestrating your own coastal revamp today, and prepare to bask in the glory of your Brevard's outdoor splendor!

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